Outing the Bogeyman | Anchorage Press

I am going to destroy a man and I want you to bear witness. It’s important that I have witnesses. Because I am writing on behalf of a little boy long ago suffered in secret. He grew up to become a writer who is about to destroy a man with two words and one letter. […]

It’s Never Too Late To Tell | Anchorage Press

When I was a little boy growing up in Anchorage, I knew just what to do if I caught on fire: “Stop, drop, and roll.” I knew because they taught me in school. Just like they later taught me, “Just say no” to drugs. It was mandatory. It’s Never Too Late To Tell | Anchorage […]

General Allegations | Anchorage Press

“I feel command would support the solider who raped me and would help him ruin my reputation and career rather than do the right thing and support a victimized soldier.”—Anonymous complaint submitted to Governor Parnell’s office in late 2010. General Allegations | Anchorage Press