Stalking the Bogeyman

I was always a lover despite the killings no matter what they say.
— Chuck Bowden, Blood Orchid

I remember my own childhood vividly…I knew terrible things. But I knew I mustn’t let adults know I knew. It would scare them.
— Maurice Sendak, author

I have written hundreds of stories in my career as a journalist. One story, a very personal one, published in 2004, has been shared around the world, broadcast on “This American Life,” and is the inspiration behind development of a play that saw its world premiere in 2013 and opened Off-Broadway in fall 2014. “Stalking the Bogeyman” doesn’t have a fairy tale ending and isn’t about pat conclusions, but is a powerful jumping-off point for discussion and, hopefully, healing. A follow-up piece, “Outing the Bogeyman” was published in 2015.

Many people have reached out to share their own stories with me. Please feel free to send yours.

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Stalking the Bogeyman