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Halftone Image of Crowd

"If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to get locked up." — Hunter S. Thompson


72-Hour Party People

Up all night – for three straight nights – with crystal methheads

Mill Rats

A week on the streets with gutter punks

Freaks in the Desert

Burning Man in 1996

White Like Me/Skin Deep

First time undercover as a neo-Nazi

AryanFest 2004

Undercover neo-Nazi redux

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Miami Beach clubbing on the eve of the Iraq War

Arm the Homeless

April Fool’s article re: free guns for the homeless

Rave New World

Rave culture in 1995


Shooting Star

A rock star’s spiraling addiction

Fire Bugs

Punk rockers The Red Aunts

Strange Angel 

Performance artist Laurie Anderson


The Sedona 5’s Excellent Adventure

Outlaw mountain bikers in the Grand Canyon

Turf Wars

Gangs on the gridiron


The Devil and Todd McFarlane

Comics industry renegade Todd McFarlane

Remains of the Day

Forensic anthropologist Dr. Laura Fulginiti

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